At Inkfish Booking we are driven by enthusiasm and our love for music. Most bands we team up with are driven by that same emotions as we are. We find it therefor a privilege to support them in their endeavour to bring their music to a bigger audience in Europe. After a thorough consultation regarding the objectives of the band, we proceed as followed:

  • Pre-tour management;
  • Set up your tour itinerary;
  • Contract venues / promotors;
  • Invoicing.


Most bands, either start-up or performing in a niche genre has to find means of extra revenue during their tour. This little bit of extra revenue can be generated by offering merchandise to the audience that is attending their shows. Besides the extra income merchandise generates it should also be considered as a powerful marketing instrument to create a presence and help you expand your fanbase. For bands, we have a variety of merchandise on offer via our partners:

  • T-shirts (xs – xxxl) – male, female & children
  • Sweaters & Hoodies (xs – xxxl)
  • Crew jackets (xs – xxxl)
  • Tote bags
  • Enameled pins
  • Buttons (small or big)
  • Flyers (A3, A3)
  • etc. 

Stage & Tour Essentials

Every band on tour has the burden of traveling with essential equipment required, especially when coming from far,  to give that extra edge to the shows in their tour. Within the Inkfish Booking network can have partners involved in the following field of products and services:

  • Backline rental;
  • Sound engineers;
  • Stagehands;
  • Video walls;
  • Content Creators;
  • Van rental.


Every song that is written by an artist should legally protected. The full ownership should be in the hands of the artist who wrote the music. When broadcasted royalties should be received by the artists or band bandmembers.

  • Copyright filing & protection
  • Royalty tracking
  • Label signing support