Miguel Piermarini – Voice, Guitar, Harmonica
Mariano Miele – Keyboards, Synthesizers, Choirs
Matias Rivara – Drums. Percussion
Santiago Rodriguez – Bass 

Residence: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Record label: Necio Record

Their Story

‘Los Acidos’ is a psychedelic rock band from the Argentinean Buenos Aires, whose founding dates back to 2010.

In 2012 they released “El Maravilloso Estanque”, a 3-song EP album composed by Miguel Piermarini (vocals and guitar) accompanied by Sebastián Gentile (keyboards and synthesizers). Both immersed in the production and mixing of the themes, they form the first poetic song material with lysergic lyrics, accompanied by rock guitars and covered with the melodic mantle of the keyboards and synthesizers, which form an original spatial sound. This EP installs and consolidates the band into the international genre of contemporary psych-rock ‘n roll, performing their musical creations at various parties, pubs, and with changing band members, both on drums and bass.

After this hectic period, they take a break to come back stronger in 2016 with the release of their first full-length album, ‘Los Acidos’. The band now has a permanent line-up consisting of the addition of Matías Rivara on the drums and Santiago Rodríguez on the bass.

The album is reached worldwide via digital platforms and has earned a good reception and that has received several positive reviews in specialized music media. This indicates that ‘Los Acidos’ has left its mark on the current musical standards of the psychedelic rock scene in Latin America.

Recently Mariano Miele has taken over the keyboards in the band, and “Los Acidos’ is now working on their second album.