An Eagle in your Mind

From Acid Folk to Trance


05 / 09 - Núrnberg

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Z-Bau  – House of Contemporary Culture

Frankenstraße 200,

90461 Nürnberg




Sophia: Indian harmonium & voice
Raoul: guitar & electronics

Residence: France

Record label: Independant

Their Story

An Eagle In Your Mind distills a hypnotic and nomadic folk, somewhere between acoustic desert rock, psychedelic electronic trance, mysterious stoner blues and sacred ritual music from around the world. credit Anne-Laure Étienne. Since 2016 it is on the roads of Europe, Africa and Middle-East that the duo composes, records and performs. With more than 150 concerts to his credit, in France, in Eastern Europe, in Balkans, in Turkey and in Maghreb (including the Fusion Festival in Berlin, a passage on french television at France 3, at La Coopérative de Mai, at L’Epicerie Moderne for the opening of the Lebanese singer Yasmine Hamdam, or at the Transbordeur for the Wintower festival in opening of the french electronic duo Kompromat …) ; Along the way, the duo surrounds itself with a colorful and flourishing instrumentarium: guembri (acoustic bass that accompanies the songs of healers from Sudan to Morocco), Indian harmonium, dreadnought guitar, banjo, Berber or Brazilian percussion, drum machine, synthesizers, etc. From this base the duo brings out a modern folk, suffused with electric tension.