Juleah and her band are playing smooth Psychrock, flavored with elements of swaggering Britpop and shimmering Shoegaze. Melancholia surfs on gentle waves towards the summer, guitars meander in yin and yang while the blues leads into the depths of the subconscious. The groove is steering the course, easygoing, while the songs conquer widths soaked in reverb.

Firefriend is at the forefront of a new wave of darkwave psychedelia, this three-piece continues to go from strength to strength. The bass grooves move you along; the drums tell your heart to beat; the guitar-work needles its way into your subconscious and pulls forth demons, and the vocals ease you into another dimension.

Ghost Dance Collective is a modern take on indie psychedelic rock. With influences ranging from popular 1960s bands to new wave psych, they have found a unique sound, encompassing guitar riffs, organs, and vocal harmonies.  With the experience of recording in small bedrooms and large churches, Ghost Dance Collective brings a soft, new sound to psychedelic rock.

Vago Sagrado describes themselves as three metropolitan bums. Too aware of their misfortunes, they rejoice with little. The band makes music by vice and melomania, diseases of our century, but above all by the ritual, high up, knowing that they are going to play “something”. That “something” is what is heard here, the result of ravings and tides, and the precarious intuition that under every ocean there is a rectangular carpet

Elaine Malone is an Irish psychedelic-folk songwriter who has carved a name for herself as an idiosyncratic songwriter. Known for her haunting voice and poetic lyricism combined with grunge roots and psychedelic leanings. For those yet uninitiated, Maloneʼs blunt style of penmanship is among the most unique and characteristic of any lyricist around. Itʼs poetry for sure, just minus all the bullshit that usually comes with it.

The Legendary Flower Punk Started in 2012 as an obscure side project of Kamille Sharapodinov (guitarist of established Russian heavy psych proggers The Grand Astoria) The Legendary Flower Punk quickly became a beast of its own. The band mixes psychedelia, space rock, funky fusion and electronics in a joyful manner like no one else. Krautrock, Japanoise, and jazz are also stranger words in the vocabulary of TLFP.

Crimen the best-kept secret of Italian psychedelia are the ever in good mood characters that give every party that extra edge. Their music full of gnostic grooves providing a purgative drug to the release from the daily rat race is always a treasure. The music and the band’s presence will throw deliberately your evening upside down.

Six Weeks

met Crimen | Silent Animals

TAYNE is a London based Experimental, Noise, Pop outfit by Matthew Sutton. TAYNE’s music is an aural assault that weld moody, atmospheric vocals, punishing guitars and overwhelming electronics, to pulsating rhythms that create an intense listening

White Canyon & the 5th Dimension is the register of homonymous designation and ritualistic essence exudes a mystical assortment of sounds from which one can easily feel an intriguing, desert, ferocious and hallucinating Psychedelic Rock of enigmatic shamanic atmosphere, a dance, rhythmic, heated and contagious Garage Rock of lo-fi production and also a relaxing, morphine, magic and intoxicating Shoegaze of dense dreamlike involvement. 

Holy Place

met White Canyon & the 5th Dimension | Silver Bird


Claudio Perez – Füves aka DRRK’S SECND is DJ / Programme Selector, playing all the amazing, engaging, thrilling, tripping music out there that catches his ear is what he enjoys the most. Discovering what’s new and what was done to take us where we are today. As to his selection and sets, it might move through different “styles”&”Genres” with a wide range but always focusing on one thing…To Listen, every track is always special. 

His sets are mainly centered on all psychedelic tendencies from Post Punk to Psych, back to Garage to Kraut, Shoegaze, Punk, Stoner. He sometimes adds pedals and Synth to his live sets making them extremely unique and emotional.  He is responsible for the Psych+Berg parties in Berlin, which happens every two months. These parties are a reunion for people and Disc Jockeys with a fine taste of music who share their knowledge. To make a community for exchanging music. He plays serious music. Also a big lover of doing after shows, for example, Tess Parks, Limiñanas, Les Big Byrd, Dharmacide, A Projection. 

Meet him in the airwaves every Wednesday on WEIRD FISHES RADIO at 22:30 <Berlin> GMT +1. He has played in several bars and venues in Berlin, Madrid and Barcelona, like 8MM Bar, Fette Ecke, Repeat, Mongo Bar, Espai ZOWIE. 

Instagram: @drrks_secnd

Dave Guererro aka Dwavehed was fascinated by video feedback at a young age, and is now a practicing visual artist. Studied music with an emphasis in multimedia technology and gained valuable experience as an Audio/Video Installation Technician for 5 years at @Artpace San Antonio International being an Artist in Residence. Experience as a Camera Integration Production Technician in the industrial Drone Industry. Currently employed as a full-time Production Technician at Schmidt Array Pedalboards.

LIVE VISUALS: Fuzz Club Eindhoven 2019 assisting Innerstrings – Routine Death, Dead Vibrations, Medicine Boy, Froth, Iguana Death Cult, The Oscillation, The Gluts, Radar Men From The Moon, Firefriend, Vuelveteloca, JuJu, NONN, Lumerians, The Janitors, 10 000 Russos, Bone Man, Burnpilot, The Moonshine Brand, TV Strange